Monday, 9 November 2009

Homely weekend

This weekend was wonderful, nice and homely. We did nothing. My little man was unwell. That started on Friday when he was sick in the back of the car, then he had a raging temperature and was very feverish all through the night, then on Saturday afternoon he picked up. So we spent the weekend at home. I managed to get some baking done, and got on with crochet and sewing and lots of crafty things.

I am now working on Christmas presents so won't post pics of those on here just yet, but below is some pics of completed work and some wip.

Ah yes lots and lots to tell you about, but this is the most recent addition to the family. Our 3 lovely ladies, Maggie, Ginger and Lady P - (P for Penolope) - aren't they just adorable. We have had them for a few weeks but no eggs yet - still a bit to young.

They are loving their new home and they are roaming around the garden and have even got used to the three dogs - which is great. Little Man loves them and keeps saying "Chick Chicks" and pointing outside or getting his coat and shoes ready for a little play time with them.

Hand embroidered Chicken - First Attempt not finished yet.

Granny Blanket finished for little man's Chair

Zig zag cushion inspired by Lucy at Attic 24. If you haven't been take a look - she does some really lovely stuff.