Monday, 9 November 2009

Homely weekend

This weekend was wonderful, nice and homely. We did nothing. My little man was unwell. That started on Friday when he was sick in the back of the car, then he had a raging temperature and was very feverish all through the night, then on Saturday afternoon he picked up. So we spent the weekend at home. I managed to get some baking done, and got on with crochet and sewing and lots of crafty things.

I am now working on Christmas presents so won't post pics of those on here just yet, but below is some pics of completed work and some wip.

Ah yes lots and lots to tell you about, but this is the most recent addition to the family. Our 3 lovely ladies, Maggie, Ginger and Lady P - (P for Penolope) - aren't they just adorable. We have had them for a few weeks but no eggs yet - still a bit to young.

They are loving their new home and they are roaming around the garden and have even got used to the three dogs - which is great. Little Man loves them and keeps saying "Chick Chicks" and pointing outside or getting his coat and shoes ready for a little play time with them.

Hand embroidered Chicken - First Attempt not finished yet.

Granny Blanket finished for little man's Chair

Zig zag cushion inspired by Lucy at Attic 24. If you haven't been take a look - she does some really lovely stuff.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Well, yet again it has been a while - so here goes......

Not a lot been going on knit & crochet wise - I have started a crochet tunic and a baby blanket for my friends Liz and Darren who gave birth to baby Thomas on Friday - just like his big sis Jessica he is gorgeous. I didn't get to meet the little fellow until Sunday as we were at a wedding on Friday. My cousin Carl married his now wife Jo - Really lovely day. I can't believe that he now has two children and is married, it didn't seem that long ago we were all playing together as kids! (sound old don't I)!

Well it seems that I have more projects on the go than completed ones! Here's a little list:

Crochet baby blanket (well only just started for baby Thomas)

Crochet Tunic and Crochet Cardi.

Knitting a hooded top for Buddy (this has been sitting in my knitting bag for ages)

Making a patchwork quilt for my bed (this is a long term project though!)

All this on top of any orders I receive for bibs, crochet or knitted stuff.

Well I can't seem to help it - I see nice yarn, have to have it and can't wait to do something with it! Not very patient you see.

It has been really busy in the world of DJS Tackle - we started our big advertising campaign last week with adverts and product reviews in Carpworld and UK Carp/Angling Times. This has worked really well and we have had some really positive feed back and some good orders. What's really exciting is we have become stockists of Viper bait boats and Ultima line in the last couple of weeks - which is good as it adds more to the range! Well enough of the boring fishing stuff.

My little Buddy has grown up all of a sudden. He has become a right little boy - apart from the fact I had to buy new shoes again - he is now a size 6! apparently the size of a 2-3 year old ( he is only 14 months), but I put him to bed tonight under a quilt and his head resting on a cot pillow, whereas before he has been in a sleep bag or grow bag i think (lol) and no pillow. He does look so very cute. He loves his sleep that boy - he didn't stir until 8.15am today - so hopefully similar tomorrow!

If I get permission I will post pics of baby Thomas and the wedding - watch this space.

Thanks for stopping by.
Clare x

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mad About Bags - Misi Store


Just wanted to let you know about this. Have a look - It is done by a lady called Tracy who has done some really lovely stuff and she has a misi site, so stop by and have a look, and yes - don't forget to buy!


Monday, 1 June 2009

Catch Up

It seems like ages since I last wrote - so I thought i'd do a little catch up.

As the weather has been so beautiful, we have done lots of bits in the garden, gradually getting there. We still need to move our pond - but as we have hundreds of tadpoles - yes hundreds this job will have to wait till later in the year. Has anyone else got any tadpoles this year? I have never seen so many and they are now growing legs - so it will be interesting to watch them develop and to see how many will stay with us!

Today, I weeded the veg patch and soaked up some of the rays! Well smothered in suncream anyway.

Not had much time for any knitting or crochet - but have started making a quilt for our bed. well only at the sewing the squares together stage - but this will be an ongoing project for the winter.

Buddy's tooth has finally broken the skin, just in time for our visit to the Dentist on Wednesday - that should be fun!

I will post some pics tomorrow of started and not yet completed projects. I also need to tidy up my wool stash and have a good old sort through.

bye for now

Clare x

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Poorly Son

Not done a great deal today, my little boy is poorly - well teething actually - so has the usual cold and a bad temper to go with it! All he wanted was lots of cuddles. He fell asleep on me this morning and every time I tried to put him in bed he awoke and screamed the house down! So I had about 1hr or so laying on my bed with him. I did manage to do some crochet though so I didn't mind.

Well hopefully he will feel a bit better tomorrow. At the moment he is tucked up in bed but coughing lots - poor thing he is just really congested.

If anyone has any tips on teething - please let me know.

C x

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Crafty Blogs

Monday, 25 May 2009

Little Studio all set up

As promised a couple of pics of my completed Crafting Studio - Work Space.

I am really happy with it and am looking forward to producing more lovely things!

I also sold a couple of items on ebay today so really pleased.

Let me know what you think.

My little work space - with my bargain table and stool - not bad for £13.00

My lovely partner David, re-upholstered this for me today - Thank you honey x

A snapshot of some fabric

This is a flower from my sketch book that I found whilst sorting out today.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bank Holiday Bootfair crafty buys

Over the last two weekends I have managed to grab myself a couple of bargins.

Last week we went to our local bootfair in Ashford Kent and it poured with rain, on our dash back to the car - we found a booter selling a solid oak rectangular table. Ideal for my sewing and embroidery machine to sit on. Managed to get it for £10.00 - really pleased.

This weekend we went again and managed to get a little round swivel stool for £3.00. It was really dirty - but with a good clean it is looking fab. Just need to sort out our spare room and set up my little work studio.

We are working in the garden this weekend - so might manage to do this next week.

Will post pictures once it is all done.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Completed Baby Shoes

Here we go - baby shoes completed! I am really quite pleased with them. However, not suitable for my little boy - He is 13 months and I think already fed up of trying on all the baby clothes I make - the last item I put on him was a girls cardigan - he moaned and tried to rip it off!

I have been so busy lately with the business that I feel that I have missed out on lots of fun with my son - so yesterday I took him for a lovely walk to our local park and to have a play on the swings - and what did he do - SLEEP - all the while I was out! Typical eh?
I was working today and it is going well - took three orders this morning so things are really starting to move now. Thank goodness - you never know how things are going to go when launching a new business - especially in our current climate.
Well - off to do some knitting - got a hoodie to start for Buddy!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Only just started baby crochet shoes

I am working on a lovely pair of baby crochet shoes at the moment - in a lilac colour - only started this evening after I put my little man to bed. He is 13 months and the light nights are playing havoc with the bedtime routine. Tonight all he wanted to do was play. All Mummy wanted him to do was to go asleep. Daddy rescued me and got him off to sleep. Well done Dad Dad.

Well I seem to have been on the computer all day - so off for a cheeky glass of wine and to pick up my crochet hook.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Misi Account

Hi everyone,

I have finally added some items to by misi store :

fingers crossed - you never know I may make my first sale.

I have been really busy today - working with my partner David on our website : we are in the process of launching our online fishing tackle shop.

Things are getting really exciting now as we are manufacturing our own brand of high end tackle and we have adverts and product reviews going into some of the major carp magazines next month. Carp World, Angling Times & UK Carp.

Here is one of the crocheted baby cardigans I have made.

Haven't had much time to knit or crochet last week - but plan to get back to it as soon as.