Monday, 1 June 2009

Catch Up

It seems like ages since I last wrote - so I thought i'd do a little catch up.

As the weather has been so beautiful, we have done lots of bits in the garden, gradually getting there. We still need to move our pond - but as we have hundreds of tadpoles - yes hundreds this job will have to wait till later in the year. Has anyone else got any tadpoles this year? I have never seen so many and they are now growing legs - so it will be interesting to watch them develop and to see how many will stay with us!

Today, I weeded the veg patch and soaked up some of the rays! Well smothered in suncream anyway.

Not had much time for any knitting or crochet - but have started making a quilt for our bed. well only at the sewing the squares together stage - but this will be an ongoing project for the winter.

Buddy's tooth has finally broken the skin, just in time for our visit to the Dentist on Wednesday - that should be fun!

I will post some pics tomorrow of started and not yet completed projects. I also need to tidy up my wool stash and have a good old sort through.

bye for now

Clare x

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