Monday, 25 May 2009

Little Studio all set up

As promised a couple of pics of my completed Crafting Studio - Work Space.

I am really happy with it and am looking forward to producing more lovely things!

I also sold a couple of items on ebay today so really pleased.

Let me know what you think.

My little work space - with my bargain table and stool - not bad for £13.00

My lovely partner David, re-upholstered this for me today - Thank you honey x

A snapshot of some fabric

This is a flower from my sketch book that I found whilst sorting out today.


  1. Hi - found your blog while surfing the net.

    I love your little work station - what a steal! And that flower you drew is lovely!

  2. Hi Dionne

    Thanks for your comment - Yes I am really pleased with it - and it is such a nice room to work in - quiet and light - well apart from my son grabbing everything and throwing it down the stairs!