Thursday, 21 May 2009

Completed Baby Shoes

Here we go - baby shoes completed! I am really quite pleased with them. However, not suitable for my little boy - He is 13 months and I think already fed up of trying on all the baby clothes I make - the last item I put on him was a girls cardigan - he moaned and tried to rip it off!

I have been so busy lately with the business that I feel that I have missed out on lots of fun with my son - so yesterday I took him for a lovely walk to our local park and to have a play on the swings - and what did he do - SLEEP - all the while I was out! Typical eh?
I was working today and it is going well - took three orders this morning so things are really starting to move now. Thank goodness - you never know how things are going to go when launching a new business - especially in our current climate.
Well - off to do some knitting - got a hoodie to start for Buddy!

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